“Orbiter” features new works developed and created during a residency at ARE Holland in Enschede, Netherlands. The show consists of a large-scale mixed-media work on paper, a photographic narration (see “Orbiter”, the book, below) and a series of objects. 

Each and every one of us is an orbiter, a tiny particle amongst others, dragged, pulled, pushed by manifold forces. We spin, we rush, we fly along our trajectories, day by day, night by night. Sometimes we collide, we crash. Sometimes we change course, sometimes we are urged to. But we always continue on another orbit, leaving marks, making signs, radiating heat of our fears and desires.

During my residency at ARE Holland I followed the orbits of an observer mission, tracing and collecting images and artefacts. By transforming the findings of daily walks into visual narratives – into drawings, photos and objects – I tried to capture the one and many stories of life out there, woven by everyday loops on countless orbits.

Photo: Lois Cid
Photo: Lois Cid

Orbiter – the book

Like the other works in the eponymous exhibition, the book “Orbiter” was created from observations of everyday life in Enschede. The fabric of this life consists of the countless trajectories on which we move every day, of the large and small routines and repetitions in the rhythm of day and night, work and leisure, eating, drinking, sleeping. 

The book follows these circles through time and space along the “Singel”, the ring road that encompasses the center of Enschede and connects the city with its periphery. The text tells of a journey on this ring that takes 24 hours and one turn – while, in parallel, undertaking this journey in 48 photographs. And just as one (every)day follows the next without interruption, you can keep turning the pages of this book: ring-bound, without cover or back, it has neither beginning nor end.

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