I am happy to invite you to my exhibition "Orbiter" at XPO in Enschede, Netherlands, running from June 11 through June 17. Please click here for more info and to make reservations.

News | 10. June 2021

State grant for new book

My upcoming book "sous un ciel partagé entre nuages et éclaircies" will receive funding from the Ministry of Culture - yay! For more info and the press release please click here.

News | 10. June 2021

things falling apart

Cordial invitation to the opening of the group show "things falling apart" in Stuttgart on February 8th.

News | 22. January 2019

Remembering Mobility

Very happy to announce my exhibition "Remembering Mobility" in the great Microssage Gallery.

News | 10. July 2018

Cellular Ground

Cordial invitation to the group show "Cellular Ground" during Stuttgart's Museum Night in a former nuclear fallout shelter.

News | 5. March 2018

I wish I was a curator

Cordial invitation to the opening of "I wish I was a curator" on Friday, 23 February in Zurich.

News | 18. February 2018


Cordial invitation to the opening of my exhibition "WYSIWYG" at Kunstverein Oberwelt

News | 27. August 2017

From There To Now

Cordial invitation to the opening of the exhibition "From There To Now" at Bubble Art in Lyon.

News | 3. March 2017

Theater der Dinge

International Festival of Contemporary Puppet and Object Theatre from 28 October to 03 November 2016 at Schaubude Berlin.

News | 27. October 2016


Cordial invitation to the opening of "Manifestina", taking place from Friday, 10 June, to Sunday, 12 June 2016.

News | 5. June 2016


04 to 06 March 2016, Institut für Alles Mögliche / Abteilung für Alles Andere, Berlin

News | 24. March 2016