Artist statement

The ordinary and normal make up the majority of our lives: what we do, what we see, where we go – all this takes place in the recurring routines of our everyday. This is not only the foundation of our own lives, but is also, as shared common experience, the basis of culture and society – and yet, or precisely because of this, it is invisible in its ubiquity, not worth mentioning in its self-evidence. 

My works are dedicated to these inconspicuous, banal details. They have their beginning in the immediate surroundings of my everyday life, in images, objects, situations that I find without searching, whose suddenly emerging questions leave me puzzled. I have no subject, no medium, no method. I wander around with open senses instead of concentrating – and inevitably stumble.

About what and why is what I try to grasp in my work. What initially is vague and diffuse will take shape in the process of artistic transformation – the work is not an answer to, but makes the question it deals with visible, and thus conceivable, in the first place. Though necessarily subjective, the work nevertheless has the general and shared relevance of the everyday from which it originates. There, I am entangled and interwoven with others in various ways – as artist, consumer, employee, lover. What manifests itself in my work is thus not only the question of who I am, but always also of who we are.

The formerly normal, self-evident, generally valid suddenly appears as absurd and sad, funny and serious, poetic and beautiful. It proves to be questionable – and the state in which things seemingly are gives way to potentials of what they could be.