Die Wahrheit über Sindelfingen

Exhibition view in the gallery of the city of Sindelfingen. Three folders, furniture from the city‘s administration offices. Sitting at the desk one has a great view upon the market place in the heart of the city.
  • 2016
  • Archive (499 scans in three folders)

Private homes have many stories to tell. Each place reflects the personality of its inhabitants, representing an archive of everyday life, itself consisting of private archives like book shelves, folders full of bills, photo albums and so on. These archives certainly also reveal something about the character of a city, speaking about manifold relations between individuals and community, private and public, past and present, memory and loss, work and leisure, to mention just a few.

I used AirBnB to get into private households in Sindelfingen, where I, while my hosts were asleep, set to work at night with the scanner to create my archives of private belongings.

A clandestine research trip undertaken for the 25th anniversary of “Kunst und Projekte Sindelfingen”. The archive was shown in the city‘s gallery, where the visitor of the exhibition could browse through it, sitting at a desk with a view upon the market place in the heart of Sindelfingen.


Some of the scans: