Die Wahrheit über Sindelfingen

Exhibition view in the gallery of the city of Sindelfingen. Three folders, furniture from the city‘s administration offices. Sitting at the desk one has a great view upon the market place in the heart of the city.
  • 2016
  • Archive (499 scans in three folders)

Though we might not always be aware of it, we are constantly working as archivists. We surround ourselves with countless things, big and small, personal and profane, useful and decorative. We collect, sort, deposit, arrange. What and who we are is reflected in these things. And is literally found in the orders we create.

What can be read off from these archives from the outside – as archaeologist, sociologist, economist, fellow human being? What can be said about the individual life, what about a community? Data, facts, statistics, things do not lie: so are they telling the truth?

A clandestine research trip via AirBnB into private households, undertaken for the exhibition „we do not have a problem with Sindelfingen because we are invited“ on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of „Kunst + Projekte Sindelfingen“.


Some of the scans: